Kory Sheets acquisition

Hey fellow Raider fans, today the Raiders signed Kort Sheets. Kory who?, yeah, I know, you aren’t familiar with the name, right. Well, pay attention because this guy is special. Take a moment to catch some of the highlights from his stay north of the border. This kid has the moves, the speed, patience to find the holes, but best of all he has an incredible ability to find extra yards after the hit. He is extremely hard to find a good angle to bring him down, and even when you do wrap him up,  he will often find a way to slither out of the defenders grasp.

This kid will easily make the black hole forget about McFadden. We will be going into camp with three runners who could be first string on most teams in the NFL. Latavius Murray is the talk of the offensive coordinator, and could be the number one guy, which is quite an accomplishment considering how well Rashad Jennings did his thing last season. Put Sheets in the mix and we got ourselves a step up or shut up challenge to the offensive line. As long as the line does its job well, we got us a legit running game.. 


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